Tips for Sharing a Ride with Others

Over the past couple of years, the trend of sharing rides has grown exponentially in the executive car service industry as well as with conventional modes of transportation. The primary reason for this is that ridesharing is considerably cheaper, and who doesn’t like a bargain whenever it’s convenient, right? However, whenever you are sharing a ride with another person, whether it’s a colleague or a stranger, certain etiquette rules are demanded from you. Here are a few tips on minding your manners when you are sharing a ride as compiled by our Car Service in Connecticut. We hope they significantly improve the quality of your experiences.


Avoid making phone calls when you are sharing a ride unless it is absolutely necessary and even then, make the call as brief as possible. Talking on the phone is often disruptive to those around you, so try to stick to text messages for the duration of your ride. Additionally, if you try to strike a conversation with the person you are sharing the ride with and they seem unresponsive, end the conversation amicably and don’t take it personal. Remember, some people are extroverted and enjoy having conversations and putting themselves out there, but others are a little more reserved and prefer to keep to themselves. So read in between the lines.


Well, as much as some people may be introverts who prefer to keep to themselves, it does not mean that you should ignore the person you are sharing the ride with. Greet them and make small talk as soon as you’re in the vehicle; ask them what their name is, where they are headed, and where they are from. Just be sure to note when the other person wants to wrap up the conversation.

Share Information

If you have booked a car that you expect to share, contact the person you will be riding with and exchange information on when you both expect to leave and arrive in order to sync your schedules for both your conveniences. Further, if your itinerary changes for whatever reason, make sure that you inform the other party in order to save them any inconveniences in terms of unforeseen delays.

Personal Space

Sometimes you may have to share your ride with a stranger. This might sound a little strange but if you think about it, isn’t this what we do all the time on airplanes? The seats on a vehicle may, however, not be as spacious as those on a plane; there is minimal wiggle room and, for this reason, you should try to keep your belongings and body parts in on your section of the vehicle. This way there are no awkward arm/leg touches that make the ride uncomfortable for the other party. Note, there are people who are sensitive to extreme closeness or contact, so rather than gamble, it would be more comfortable for everyone if you avoided unnecessary contact.

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