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Prom is one of the biggest nights in high school: from scoring the right dress or tux – and dream date – for the big night, to taking selfies with your crew, it’s a night to remember. Here are five ways to have a great prom.

5 Ways to Have a Great Prom in Connecticut

1. Hire a professional chauffeur.

Choosing the right transportation to prom night shouldn’t take away from the energy of your event. Our professional chauffeurs will take you to prom in luxurious comfort, so you can focus on relaxing and having fun. Book our professional prom limo service CT for a stress-free experience.

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2. Plan your ‘promposal’ in advance.

The ‘promposal’ is a creative way of asking your boyfriend or girlfriend to prom. Some people pull out all the stops to share their declaration of love, from holding up a sign during halftime at the big game to delivering a pizza with the words “prom?” spelled out in pepperoni.

If you’re planning to do an elaborate ‘promposal’, make sure to plan it well in advance so all of the details line up. Try enlisting friends to help – they can be a great source of support if you’re asking the question publically. They can hold up signs that spell out “P R O M ?” during that big game, or play the pizza delivery person.

3. Do your own hair and makeup.

Hiring a hairstylist or makeup artist can be expensive. But with loads of hair and makeup tutorials out there, you’re bound to find a look that is easy to do and also delivers a major wow factor.

Invite your friends over and have an awesome time getting each other ready. If you’re thinking about doing a fancy updo, your friends will be there with a curling wand and bobby pins to make it look great.

4. Guys: don’t forget the corsage!

For many guys, prom is one of the first times they’re going on a formal date with their special someone – going to a movie together is one thing, but going to a school dance together is definitely something else! It’s easy to get caught up in the butterflies, especially if you’re nervous about going with the girl of your dreams, but getting yourself involved in the planning is an easy way to start feeling calm and in control.

Talk with her about scheduling a party bus in Connecticut, and make sure to ask her what color her dress is going to be so you can get a corsage to match! She’ll be thrilled you’re going the extra mile to make sure the two of you have a good time.

5. Take great pictures.

Don’t forget to take loads of pictures – not just Snapchats – to create memories that will last forever. Get some goofy ones of you and your date mugging for the camera, and some sweet ones, too. Take a group photo of you, your date, and your friends. Even take a picture with Mom and Dad before you leave the house. Whatever photos you choose to take, you’ll look great.

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