Monroe CT Limo Service

Monroe CT Limo Service

There are very few car rental companies in Connecticut that would offer you a reasonably priced quote for luxury vehicles. There is a plethora of cars, be it sedans or hatchbacks, stretch limos or buses, that you can consider for your ground transportation in Monroe and surrounding areas. The moment you opt for luxury rides, such as limos or limo buses, you are likely to receive a substantially dearer quote. The reasoning is quite simple, but the quote should be proportionately based on the type of car and the quality of service. This is what our Monroe CT limo service practices.

We do not inflate the cost of our limo and car service simply because you are looking for a more comfortable and luxurious ride. A more spacious and luxurious vehicle does not have to cost a small fortune and there should not be much room for discretionary hikes in the quote. Pride Connecticut Limo & Car Service has always had a standard approach to pricing. We do not increase our quotes arbitrarily. We do not inflate our fees based on minor changes to route or some level of personalization that any trip would demand. It is only the major factors that come into play during our cost assessment, mostly distance and the hours. The other element that bears an impact on the cost is any or every specific luxury amenity that you may want.

We do not inflate our prices for normal personalization, which is a quintessential need in most scenarios. Whether you are traveling to and from an airport or you have planned a sightseeing tour, whether you need a limo for a wedding or a corporate event, you will require some level of personalization to suit your itinerary and to specifically take the routes that you must. Such personalization cannot lead to a premium on the base cost. Pride Connecticut Limo & Car Service assures you the best cars you can get in Monroe but without paying the most premium fares. In fact, we have standard fares for most common destinations in and around Monroe. We have published fares for all major landmarks across the state of Connecticut.

The only brand to have made luxurious, comfortable and reliable rides aboard swanky limos affordable in the state is Pride Connecticut Limo LLC and it has been our consistent endeavor to hold on to our distinct accomplishment.

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