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Brandford, CT is a small town on the New England coast where you can get a good view of the beautiful scenery and enjoy a little peace and quiet away from the constant rush of the city. When you visit Brandford, you’ll see a lot of sailboats and schooners in the harbor and maybe even get to ride one. There are also exquisite seafood restaurants found all across town serving tasty New England classic dishes, and if you like knowing the stories of the area, you should visit Brandford’s museums. Our Limo service Brandford CT is here to get you where you want to go, and we’ll be there all the way from the time you arrive in Brandford untill the time you depart.

Our limo service works closely with you to accommodate your schedule during your stay in Brandford. If you’re on a short stay in town and want to see most of the Connecticut coast very quickly, our chauffeurs can take you to the points of interest the fast way. But maybe you’re on a little more of an extended stay in the area and would rather take your time to see Brandford. If that’s the case, our chauffeurs will gladly let you do so because your time is our time.

Maybe you’ve been given recommendations of places to see in Brandford or maybe you haven’t, but one of its most notable attractions is Thimble Islands. These islands are some of the favorites of Brandford tourists who get to see beautiful homes and wooded areas of the coast as well as lighthouses guiding the vessels at sea safely in and out. The captains running the cruises out to these islands will often give you the history of them and tell exciting stories of the sea. You can count on our chauffeurs to drive you to your cruise if you’re interested in going.

When you want to eat a hearty meal served by great chefs in Brandford, you should dine in at Home Restaurant located in the heart of town. Here you’ll be served a wide selection of seafood from clam chowder, scallops and shrimps that are prepared to your liking. The menu comes complete with appetizers, salads and large plates for the main course, and it’s really not too expensive for the fine quality. Other restaurants you might want to try are the Parthenon Dinner Restaurant or Nellie Green’s.

Other places you might want to visit in Brandford include the Stony Creek Brewery where they serve Brandford craft beers and some wines, or take a look at the Little Stony Creek Museum where you’ll learn a lot behind Connecticut’s history. You can even have our chauffeurs drive you down the scenic Route 146 if you just want to spend a little time in the countryside. But we’ll get you back to your hotel room once you’ve decided you’ve seen what you wanted to see.

When you choose to ride with our Brandford car service, we take all the logistical issues out of your trip. Our chauffeurs are experienced and know the area completely so you will never get lost or need to ask directions. We also are always on time and never keep you waiting when you need to get somewhere. Just give us a call to rent our limo service today.

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