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The town of Bethel adjoins Danbury and is just to the west of Newtown, and with its small size you might not expect to find much here, but you would be wrong. Bethel has a lot of history behind it and it also happens to be the birthplace of the wealthy businessman P.T. Barnum. While the historical district may be one of the most visible sights of this town, there are plenty of other activities to do and entertainment to see, and if you want to experience more of that, you can get around Bethel very easily with our Bethel CT Limo Service or  Bethel car service.

What does our limo service do to make your trip easy? Going to a place you don’t know can get confusing sometimes, especially if you need directions to places that are hard to find on a map. Our chauffeurs take this problem out of your trip because they know exactly where to go at all times, and they’ll be happy to answer your questions about any landmark you point out. Also, you’re not bound by a strict schedule like you would be if you used a tour bus service. Instead, our chauffeurs work to accommodate your itinerary and schedule in whatever time you want.

When visiting Bethel, there are a few places you should see after you’ve arrived at your hotel and had a chance to relax a little. One place you should ask our chauffeurs to take you to is Blue Jay Orchards if you’re up for a little country fun. This is a farm in Bethel that has a very large apple orchard and sells some of the tastiest apple varieties, and also has pumpkins and hosts fall activities during October. They give hayrides throughout the year and on those cold days, you can buy a drink of fresh-brewed apple cider. They are closed in the late December and early winter season.

If you want to look at the places marking Bethel’s history, you can have our limo take you to the Greenwood Avenue Historic District. Most of the buildings are still in use for modern day purposes such as the post office and library, but the architecture from the old days remains intact. And in a square just outside the library you can see a statue of PT Barnum himself with an old fire wagon still there from the first Bethel fire department. If you’ve seen enough of Bethel’s history and want to come back to modern times, you might enjoy a little aerial fun at Sky Zone.

All the way from start to finish, our Bethel limo service is with you making sure you enjoy both comfort and security while touring the town. From the moment your plane touches down on our soil, our chauffeurs will be ready and make sure all you have to do is just step in the limo. We only hire professionally trained and certified chauffeurs because we want nothing less than to deliver the best-in-class at our company. To hire our limo service just give us a call today.

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