North Brandford CT Limo Car Service

North Brandford CT Limo Service

Have you ever hired a car and have had to wait for it to arrive at the scheduled pickup address? Were you ever disappointed with the choice of car, not because of the make or model you had selected but owing to its condition? Stories of dissatisfaction are not rare when it comes to any type of car rental service. Many people prefer to physically inspect a car before they hire one and they also choose to drive instead of being driven around, at times due to unpleasant experiences in the past. In this day and age, you should be able to make online reservations for North Brandford CT Limo Service and you should not have to worry about the condition of the vehicle, punctuality or the quality of service.

Luxury Limo Service in North Branford

We, at Pride Connecticut Limo LLC, have an impeccable track record of serving our clients to their utmost satiation. Our holistic approach starts with our fleet. We maintain every limo and car we own in pristine condition. Not only are most of the cars new and loaded with modern amenities but their routinely proactive upkeep ensures that nothing is remotely amiss or oddly unpleasant. Our second strength lies in our staff, whether it is the customer service team or the chauffeurs. You would not find a more helpful concierge service or a safer chauffeur. All our chauffeurs are actually trained in defensive driving. It is not always about how great you drive but whether or not you can be proactively defensive to steer clear of the poor driving of others. Our subsequent strength lies in the way we go about our business. Right from the initial consultation wherein we make an ardent attempt to understand your needs to the last moment of your journey, everything is planned and executed to perfection.


Affordable & Personalized Limo Service in North Branford

We specialize in catering to all kinds of events. Our ground transportation service is not confined to weddings or corporate events alone. You can plan a night out of town, you could have a fun stag or hen party, you may hire one of our limos for your trip to or from the airport and you could just reserve our party bus if you have an entourage. We personalize our limo service in North Branford. We do not treat every event in the same way, but we ensure our fares are reasonable and our service is immaculate.

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