The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

Your wedding day marks the first day of the rest of your life – once you say ‘I do’ a whole new life begins. A life of family, responsibility, love, and legacy. That being said, you should do all that you can to make this day as perfect as possible. But how? Our Connecticut ground transportation Service has put together a comprehensive list of some of the most important measures you should take to ensure that your wedding event is absolutely memorable.

To start with, consider employing the services of a professional car service like our Connecticut limo service to plan and execute all matters carriage. We have had years of experience providing concierge transportation; we have gained a reputation for being punctual and reliable, and our professional chauffeurs have been trained in the art of courtesy and hospitality, which will leave you and your spouse-to-be feeling like royalty on your special day.

Now, let’s look at extra measures you can take to make your dream wedding a reality.


Plan Early

Assuming you have December 2018 as your ideal wedding date and, yes, there is still a lot of time in between, but you need to understand that the earlier you start making arrangements for the wedding, the less likely you are to overlook a vital detail on the day of the event. Last minute preparations are always stressful and hectic but the earlier you start planning the less stressful the process will be and the less exhausted you will feel about the whole thing, making it even more enjoyable than soul-draining.



Everyone has that dream venue in mind for their wedding and there is no reason why you should give that up just yet. If you give yourself sufficient time to plan, we are confident that you can host your wedding at whatever location you have your eye on. For example, if you have always wanted to get married on a beach, consider hiring the space on a weekday as opposed to the more expensive weekends. You could also use your influence and connections; reach out to that cousin whose friend owns a beachfront hotel in order to get a reduced price. Or you could go the old-fashioned route and just give yourself sufficient time to save up for your dream venue.

Either way, get creative and don’t take no for an answer, it’s your special day and you deserve to have it happen exactly where you have always dreamed of.



Before you start spending money randomly, you need to sit down and come up with a realistic budget that will not spread you too thin. If necessary, you could even consider pushing the date of the wedding forward to allow yourself sufficient time to get the finances in order. Without an exhaustive budget, you may end up overlooking certain crucial factors and for your wedding to run smoothly, every little detail must be taken into account. Little unconsidered expenses catch you off-guard if you are not careful, so take the time to create an all-inclusive budget.

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