How to Plan a Business Trip during the Holidays

We can all agree that business travel is not easy, even on normal seasons of the year. But it becomes especially hard during holiday seasons like Christmas. During the holidays, you can expect more than just a few business travelers and tourists at the airport; everyone is up and about trying to make the most of their holiday. However, our Car Service in Connecticut understands that sometimes you just can’t avoid traveling during the holidays; here are a few suggestions on how to plan for holiday business travel for a stress-free experience. Also, consider contracting our Connecticut Airport Shuttle Service for more convenient transportation to and from the airport.


As a business traveler, we are sure you have picked up a few skills along the way on how to plan your trips. However, there are extra considerations you need to make when you are traveling for business on the holidays. First, ensure that you sign up for airline flyer programs as well as car rental and hotel loyalty programs. Since you frequently travel for business, you will have accumulated numerous loyalty points, which will allow you special perks like free tickets, free hotel stays, and free upgrades when service fees are at their highest. Take advantage of such programs to extend your stay after your business is concluded, which will ensure that you get to enjoy the holiday season as well, essentially mixing business with pleasure.


At this time of the year, it’s crowded virtually everywhere, and the last thing you need is the hassle of dragging around heavy luggage through mammoth crowds in addition to the pressure from work. So, when you have to travel for business during the holidays, pack luggage that is lightweight and versatile to ease the stress of moving around during this period. Also ensure that your bag is in perfect condition; that all wheels are in place and that the handle and zippers are in perfect condition.


Like trips during any other season, timing is everything. If you have anything to do with it, schedule your business meetings for Mondays and Fridays around the holidays, which will allow you to be at your destination right when the work week begins or just in time for the weekend. This way, you will get a weekend getaway for a few nights at a hotel without having to ask for days off from the office, therefore enabling you to juggle work and still enjoy your holiday. If you are able to schedule your trips this way, you may even be able to tag your family, friends, or significant other along with you for a special holiday experience. Alternatively, you can have them travel separately and time their arrival for the end of your business trip.

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