Answers to Your Most Burning Questions on Limo Services

Planning an event can be both exciting and stressful. Everything from the timing to attire must be carefully prepared. Then there’s the issue of transportation, preferably in a fancy limo.
Unless you are an expert, it may be a little challenging to pull off a seemingly effortless but classy event. At our Connecticut car service, all the people who approach us generally have the same questions regarding limo services. So, we have decided to address some of the most prominent questions and put them out there for anyone who may be having similar concerns. We hope you find them enlightening.

What Training do your Chauffeurs Undergo?

Most people refer to them as ‘drivers’, but their official title is ‘chauffeurs’. In most states, limo chauffeurs are required to earn a chauffeur’s permit or license. This permit/license requires further schooling beyond the Class D training and is, therefore, supplementary to a regular class D driver’s license. Chauffeur training is aimed at reinforcing road safety techniques, confidence and morale on the road, professionalism, efficiency, customer service, and client retention.
Also, remember that if your limousine is taking you across stateliness, your chauffeur is supposed to have a permit/license in the other state too

Are your Services any more Reliable?

Everyone has had a bad experience with conventional car services, and even some limo services: late arrivals, navigation issues, dirty interiors, rude drivers, or beat down vehicles, to mention a few.
However, a good and reputable limo service’s primary responsibility is to deliver the highest quality of services possible to each client. A good limo service can guarantee that their chauffeurs are always punctual and that they are thoroughly knowledgeable of the byways and highways of whichever city they are driving you around. The chauffeurs will be courteous and attentive to all your needs, attending to your every concern to guarantee that you enjoy your ride in absolute comfort.
A good limo service will keep its vehicles clean at all times and will never assign you a vehicle that hasn’t met rigorous company hygiene standards.

Can I Request any Model I Want?

This is relative. The fleet that one limo service has to offer may be completely different from what another limo service has to offer. Often, limo companies offer several different vehicle models under the same price range; then you get to decide which particular model you prefer.
If you are model-specific, however, it is up to you to do your research on the company and find out if they have the model you are looking for in their fleet.

How Many People Can I Bring on Board?

Limousines, like all other vehicles, have a passenger capacity. Note, however, that this is the maximum size and may not be the most comfortable. It would, therefore, be wise to either hire a limo that is larger than the number of people accompanying you or to split the group to achieve the highest level of comfort for everyone.

How is My Safety Insured?

Good limo services have a variety of safety precautions. There are numerous state and federal guidelines that are specifically designed to ensure that you are in safe hands. From drug screening to background checks for each chauffeur and from collision liability to commercial liability, a good limo service will take the necessary precautionary measures to guarantee that both you and the company
stay protected.
Remember: Don’t shy away from asking questions, even those that are not on this list. Make sure you are completely satisfied with your vehicle, the company, the quality of the services they offer, and that you can value for your money before contracting the service.

If you have used or are using another transportation service, we are confident that you will notice a difference riding with us.

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