5 Things to Consider when Booking a Car Service

The car service business has been growing gradually over the past few decades, and like with any other popular business field, there are bound to be a few sub-standard service providers. Car services were traditionally geared towards providing clients with executive transportation means and to protect you from the disappointment you may experience if you choose the wrong service, our Connecticut Ground Transportation Service has come up with a list of factors you should consider before choosing one.

Is there a Communication Line to your Chauffeur?

When you hire a car service, you schedule a pre-arranged pick-up/drop-off and because plans and circumstances change, you should be absolutely sure that you can get in touch with your designated chauffeur in case you have to make a timeline adjustment. Ask your potential service provider to provide you with your chauffeur’s cell phone number because this comes in handy during the period in which you have entered a contract with the company.


Clarify with your potential service provider what amenities come with their vehicles. Different people will have different needs depending on their reason for hiring the car service. For example, if you are hiring the vehicle for a night out with friends, you might want a vehicle with a stereo system, LCD screens, iPod connections etc. On the other hand, if you are hiring the vehicle for business purposes, you might prefer a vehicle with a partition between yourself and the chauffeur for the extra privacy. Find out about everything from, seating capacity, complimentary snacks and beverages, glass stem-ware, and any additional amenities that the car service offers.

Hourly Minimum

Find out if the car service you are considering has an hourly minimum charge; most car services charge a minimum of between 2 to 4 hours. If all you are looking for is a single point-to-point service, you need to clarify this with your service provider to avoid incurring unnecessary costs. Your service provider will then let you know if they have a strict hourly minimum or whether they are flexible enough to accommodate your specific needs.

Advance Booking

Pre-booking ensures that you get exactly what you want; it ensures that you discuss the terms and conditions in detail and that you get the specific vehicle you had your eye on. For example, if you are traveling with a group and you make your booking late, you may end up having to compromise for a more expensive solution such as getting two smaller vehicles, which automatically implies a higher cost. Booking guarantees convenience and saves costs.


Ensure that the car service you are hiring maintains its vehicles and regularly services them; inspect the vehicle in person and check online user reviews for any stories that may raise red flags. Demand for proof of company certification and insurance and inquire on whether the company runs sufficient background checks on its chauffeurs to give you the comfort of knowing that you will be in safe hands.