4 Memorable Places to Celebrate Thanksgiving in Connecticut

Thanksgiving is all about coming together with your loved ones to give thanks for one another, the gift of friendship, and the gift of family. In Connecticut, we have all kinds of spots that’ll make this holiday season even more special and memorable than it already is. Having operated in Connecticut for several years, our Car Service in Connecticut has acquired enough insight on the most suitable food places for you to try out over Thanksgiving. Here are a few ideas for where to celebrate Thanksgiving in the Constitution State. Have a blast!


Head Over to the Rooster Company

The Rooster Company is located on Main Street in Newington. The company will be hosting a family-style Thanksgiving dinner that kicks off at 4pm on 23rd of this month. The menu will, of course, include the classic carved roast turkey and a variety of delicious accompaniments including cornbread, Italian sausage stuffing, creamed spinach, and much more. The cost for adult admission is $40 and $15 for children below 10 years. We recommend that you make your reservations immediately because seats are limited.


Try Chef Luis Restaurant in New Canaan

Chef Luis Restaurant is located on Elm Street in New Canaan, Connecticut.  The restaurant will be hosting a special Thanksgiving dinner with dishes like the traditional roast turkey, roast beef, salmon, cranberry kumquat chutney, spinach terrine, maple glazed yams, corn bread, succotash stuffing, and other Thanksgiving classics; it’s the perfect place away from home to have a full Thanksgiving experience. For the prix-fixe menu, adults will pay $45 each while children will pay a mere $25. Dinner will be served at 3pm and go all the way to 9pm.


Vivo Seasonal Trattoria

Vivo is located in Marriott Hartford Downtown and they will also be offering a family-style Thanksgiving menu on 23rd of this month from 12pm to 2pm, so get there on time lest you miss out on all the fun. The menu will feature traditional Thanksgiving meals such as roasted turkey, gravy, sausage stuffing, cornbread, sweet potato casserole, butter-whipped potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts, bacon, green beans, and more. The dessert menu is just as impressive with options such as pumpkin cheesecake, baked apple crisp, bourbon pecan pie, and so forth. Adults will pay an entrance fee of $31 while children will be admitted for free. We recommend that you make your reservations early because seats are also quite limited here.


Michael Jordan’s Steak House

Michael Jordan’s Steak House is located on Mohegan Sun Boulevard in Connecticut. This cozy restaurant will be hosting a full course Thanksgiving lunch and dinner from 1pm and 9pm on 23rd of this month.  Visit the steak house and enjoy professionally prepared roasts with accompaniments such as onion bread pudding, roasted baby carrots, pecan dust, goat milk, buttermilk charred cippolini, duck fat whipped Yukon potatoes, etc. The admission fee is a standard $45 for everyone and at an extra cost of only $14 you can also enjoy desserts such as gelato and apple pie.