4 Free Things to do in Connecticut

connecticutConnecticut is a hub of activities; the possibilities are limitless, from family getaways, kids’ activities, scenic shorelines, antique shopping, historic sites, awesome walks, vacation adventures, etc. Now, what makes this even better? Most of these wonderful activities are completely free. There’s something special about free things, be it free food, free concert tickets, free parking, free admission, you name it; besides, who said fun has to be expensive? There is something awesome about not having to pay a fee and that’s exactly what Connecticut offers you. For that reason, our car service in Connecticut has come up with a list of four awesome things you can do in Connecticut without having to pay a dime.

Museum of Connecticut History

You will find this museum in the Capital of Connecticut, Hartford. It’s located in the restored state library that was built in 1910 and sits adjustment to the Supreme Court building. This small museum tells the story of Connecticut from its industries to its military. You will be able to scan the portraits of the many governors that have served Connecticut in the memorial hall, and you will have the opportunity to look at the 1662 Royal Charter. There are several other landmark and historical documents that you will get to see at the museum including the 1881 Constitution, the amended 1964 Constitution, and the 1639 Fundamental Orders.

Other collections that might interest you include Freedom Trail quilts that shed some light on the African-American history in Connecticut, early prototype Colt firearms and other experimental firearms, and so much more.

Steep Rock Preserve

Located in Washington Depot, this 974-acre preserve offers nature enthusiasts the perfect chance to walk completely free of charge along picturesque river banks, trek up mountains, boldly walk into the abyss that was a former railway tunnel, and cross the river on a suspension footbridge. If you love the outdoors, this is the perfect getaway opportunity for you.

Tarrywile Park

This 722-acre park is another paradise for those who love the outdoors. The park features a lake, two ponds, 21 miles worth of hiking trails, and numerous picnic sections. Here you can also enjoy the architecture of the recently restored Tarrywile Mansion or go on an adventured to the Hearthstone Castle ruins, which was once a magnificent feature in the park, now hidden in the forest like a lost fairy tale fortress.

Yale University Art Gallery and Yale Center for British Art

There are two world-class museums you will find in Connecticut, they sit across each other in downtown New Haven, and both are completely free. A fun fact about the Yale Center for British Art: it is the broadest collection of British art outside of the UK. The Yale University Art Gallery, on the other hand, houses beautiful collections of African art, Italian Renaissance art, and ancient Roman and Greek artifacts. The University Museum also features contemporary art, displaying works from modern-time artists such as Basquiat, Picasso, Degas, and Miró.