3 Tips for Planning a Successful Family Reunion

Family is everything, and everyone enjoys a good family reunion, where everyone shows up for the fun.  For you to organize a successful reunion, however, you need to coordinate everything ahead, otherwise it may not be as enjoyable as you hoped and a lot of the members might not even show up for the event. Our car service in Connecticut has had vast experience providing ground transportation for various events, including family reunions, and we have picked up a few tips along the way on how to make yours an absolute success, one that the entire family will remember for years.

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Plan. Plan. Plan.

The very first thing you should establish when planning a family reunion is the date and general location in order to give everyone sufficient time to prepare and clear their schedules on the day of the event. Plan your family reunion at least six months ahead. You could also send questionnaires to your family members to get their input on the date and location to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Of course, it is impossible to meet every single person’s needs, but a simple survey such as this will give you sufficient insight on what a majority of the members would prefer.


Like any other event, cost is a big factor to consider. Give a rough estimate of the budget and be clear on how much everyone would have to contribute to make the event a reality. If you inform your family members several months ahead of time, they will be able to give you feedback and share some of their insights with you so that you can come to an agreeable amount. Budgeting early will also give everyone sufficient time to get their finances in order and make their contribution. If the family gathering will be costly, for example, if you plan to go on a cruise, you can come up with a monthly contribution plan leading up to the day of the event.


The venue of the gathering will undoubtedly have an impact on the overall success of the event. You will have to take into account the time of year and the activities that will be open to the family at each potential venue before making your decision. For a truly memorable event, choose a facility or venue where every generation of the family will have something exciting and engaging to do. Take a general survey and find out what each generation enjoys in order to make an informed, all-inclusive decision.